Over 120 photos are using the #FanTankFriday tag!

Welcome to this month’s final week of #FanTankFriday! So far we have over 120 beautiful aquascaping images building in the #FanTankFriday tag bank! I’m seriously impressed with the quality of the tanks and pictures that everyone is submitting. Keep up the great work for next month.

Today is the final entry in this month’s #FanTankFriday. The three winners of the shout out will be announced here and the final monthly winner of the LiveAquaria $20 gift card will be announced shortly thereafter. Keep an eye out for that coming soon.

I also want to announce that we have hit the 900 follower mark! Thank you to all our faithful followers!


Find our instagram user lalpural here!

Check out this cool shot by @lalpural! The use of negative space is superb and the scattered marimo balls are adorable!


Find our instagram user montessoriintuition here!

Montessoriintuition is teacher with a passion for planted aquariums. And shes passing that passion on to her students who love checking out the tank everyday and finding new things.


Find our instagram user amperx11 here!

User amperx11 shared this photo of her aquascape with us on instagram. We are excited to see what this tanks grows into!

Once again congratulations to the final weekly #FanTankFriday Winners of September!

Lalpural, montessoriintuition and amperx11: as winners you have been entered to win a $20 gift card to LiveAquaria.com, the winner will be announced shortly!

Keep posting your pictures and using #FanTankFriday for a chance to win next month!


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