The First Official #FanTankFriday: Sept 5, 2014 Winners Are!


Over 50 entries into our first ever #FanTankFriday!

I just want to thank everyone who participated in this weeks #FanTankFriday. is new in the aquarium hobby and I’m glad that everyone is so enthusiastically showing their support. That being said, we had a huge number of participants for the first week of the contest. Way more than I expected at a little bit over 50 uses of the hashtag.


So today I have for you three of my favorite uses of the #FanTankFriday from Instagram, and a special mention for our viewers from


Find our instagram user hackenberrypie here!

Hackenberrypie was one of the first to show support on instagram with this lovely aquascape. Not only do the plants look happy and healthy but the angels seem to be enjoying themselves as well. Thank you Hackenberrypie!


Find our instagram user ericjrodri here!

Ericjrodri was late to the game getting the hashtag in, but with a stunning hardscape like this it had to be included in the first weekly feature.


Find our instagram user yoga_thoji here!

Yoga_thoji gets the final spot with this lush carpet and splendid use of depth.

Special Mention /r/plantedtank:



/u/myth1n shocked everyone on /r/plantedtank this week with this gorgeous dutch aquascape, earning themself the reddit mention of the week.

Congratulations to our first three weekly: #FanTankFriday Winners!

Hackenberrypie, Ericjrodri and Yoga_thoji, as winners of our weekly fan feature you have been entered to win this months Battle of the Tanks where you will be eligible to win a $20 gift card to liveaquaria where you can buy new plants and fish for your aquascapes.


To everyone else, please keep tagging your photos with #FanTankFriday! The next feature is just a week away where you can earn yourself an entry into the Battle of the Tanks!


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