September 2014 Contest Winners


Source: Nate Tarbox

This week we announced the first monthly winner of #FanTankFriday.

Congratulations @hackenberrypie you’re $20 gift card is in your email inbox!

In addition, today we are announcing the winner of the Launch Giveaway. The winner takes home an awesome $40 gift card

After tabulating the 1022 entries our instagram user @iramor was randomly selected!


Once again congratulations @iramor, contact us via Instagram, Facebook or email and we’ll get your gift card sent out to you immediately.


To all our other readers, this isn’t the end!

  • #FanTankFriday continues every week, and a new monthly winner will be selected every month! So keep tagging your photos for a chance to win.
  • We are also in the process of reviewing the Zoo Med Nano 10 Canister Filter and will be giving away the filter when the review concludes. Keep checking back for more info on that contest.

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