Finnex Announces The Planted+ II, Finnex 24/7 and Planted+ Elite.

planted+ elite

Finnex is well known in the aquarium community for their LED line of aquatic lighting solutions. Their best seller, the Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light is renowned for it’s ability to promote unparalleled plant and marine growth. Following it’s success with the Planted+, FugeRay and Ray2; Finnex has announced three new LED lighting solutions that will be introduced this Fall/Winter. No pricing information has been released yet. The Aquatic Plant Society got the exclusive on the new models. Check it out below.

The Finnex Planted+ II

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Exclusive Video of the Planted+ II from Finnex


  • 7000k plus red LEDs
  • 120° spread
  • New housing
  • Fewer, more powerful LEDs
  • Fully adjustable RGB LEDs with over 65,000 color choices
  • Fully dimmable


The Finnex 24/7

Finnex 24/7


  • Fully adjustable 7000k and RGB LEDs.
  • Built in timer cycling the color and intensity to mimic sunset and sunrise.


The Finnex Planted+ Elite




  • 660 red, 620 amber, 7000k and 4000k LEDs.
  • Wireless smartphone control


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