10 Year Old Goldfish Survives MicroSurgery


An Australian Veterinarian by the name of Dr. Tristan Rich performed an astonishing feat recently – microsurgery on a goldfish.

The case? A 10 year old goldfish named George with a large tumor on its head.

Veterinarian performs “microsurgery” on goldfish

When George’s owner first brought him in for medical attention, Dr. Rich offered the choice of euthanasia or microsurgery. Despite the large sum of $200 to treat the goldfish, George’s owner was too attached to put her beloved pet down. That’s where Dr. Rich stepped in to perform the difficult task of removing the turmor.


George Recovering Post-Op

Photos by Lort Smith Animal Hospital

Dr. Rich explained that the 45 minute microsurgery, despite being the same price as a cat or dog procedure, is not your everyday task. “[But] it’s quite fiddly, as you can imagine with an 80-gram fish, and you’ve got to make sure you can control any blood loss. He can only lose about half a mil [millilitre].” Even though this may seem unparalleled to the layman, this is about the 10th time that Dr. Rich has performed this type of surgery in his career, citing owners sincere devotions and attachments to their pets, big or small.

Dr. Rich had this advice for fish owners:
“If their water quality is up to scratch; if there’s enough room for a growing fish – about a few litres per centimetre of fish – and if the fish is fed a good-quality commercial diet, they can live for a long time.”

As a fish lover and aquarium enthusiast, that’s exactly the kind of good news and advice we want to hear!



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