Hello Social Media Fans, We are Officially Live!

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Hello Social Media Fans! I’m happy you found our website!

If you’re looking to enter our contest here are your links:


Want to know more about Aquathusiast?

Aquathusiast.com is a fansite reporting breaking news and feeding unique content in the form of how-to articles, fan features and product reviews to the Aquarium Community.

We believe that this niche has a huge amount of untapped creative potential. Our goal is to break Aquascaping into the main stream aquarium market in the United States and Europe in the coming years. We hope to accomplish this goal by providing to our users unique content daily both on our site and across social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

In addition, Aquathusiast.com will be launching a Free Consulting Service in the following weeks.

Through our consulting service we will provide:

  • Free Design Advice
  • Free Equipment Recommendations
  • Free Equipment Setup Instructions
  • Free Flora/Fauna Recommendations
  • and MORE!

Please keep an eye on aquathusiast.com for more information, and good luck!




Hi I'm Ryan, the owner of Aquathusiast. I've been keeping fish and aquatic plants for several years now. Along the way I've learned a lot. My goal is to take that knowledge and experience and help you, my readers, create the best aquariums and aquascapes possible. Drop us a line at contact@aquathusiast.com or join us in the forums for a free aquarium consultation.
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