IAPLC Results Announced for 2014


Aqua Design Amano Announces the Results of the 2014 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest

Applications were closed on May 31st, after an astounding 2,320 entries were submitted from some 64 countries. It took the judges just 2 months to carefully evaulate and grade each and every applicant. In the Fall, IAPLC plans to publish a book featuring this years entries, so stayed tuned for more information.

Each year applications are sent in from around the world. The judging criteria is simple, applicants must make a “recreation of fish habitat” which is deeply associated with the origin of planted aquarium. The criteria and judging is stiff. Applicants must fulfill 6 guidelines for their aquascape to succeed:

1. Recreation of natural habitat for fish (Maximum 50 points)
2. Long-term maintenance of layout work (Maximum 10 points)
3. Creator’s technical skills (Maximum 10 points)
4.Originality and impression of layout work (Maximum 10 points)
5. Presentation of natural atmosphere in layout work (Maximum 10 points)
6. Overall composition and planting balance (Maximum 10 points)


2013, 13th IAPLC Grand Prize Work: “Evergreen”, by Truong Thinh Ngo,Vietnam

This year Grégoire Wolinski took home the 1st place prize for his country, France. His aquascape titled: “Passage” has yet to be released to the public for viewing, so we can only speculate at this time. However, IAPLC has images from previous years winners, and you can see those here.

Rounding out the top five we have:

  1. Grégoire Wolinski, France
  2. Long Tran Hoang, Vietnam
  3. 築地 秀和, Japan
  4. Diego Marinelli, Italy
  5. 深田 崇敬, Japan


Congratulations to Grégoire Wolinski for taking home First Place and the Grand Prize of JPY1,000,000. We look forward to next years competition.

Source: http://en.iaplc.com/


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