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I recently started browsing r/Aquaponics over on Reddit. Now, one might think that Aquaponics might not be all that similar to Aquascaping, but in fact you would be wrong, just as I was. You see Aquaponics utilizes a lot of the same techniques that we as Aquascapers might use, just in more of a utilitarian way.

Ryan Coghlan is the inventor of the GroPronix line and in a recent informational Reddit post, he explained how he took his product from concept to product. Utilizing a standard 10 gallon fish tank Ryan devised the GroPonix to naturally filter the aquarium water using only the power of plants.

Using a 3D and 3D imaging software Ryan modeled the GroPonix to include a high power LED light, space for 5 “grow plugs” (plants) and an aquarium light to illuminate the tank. All of this utilizing a 3D printing material that is food grade safe meaning your fish are sure to be healthy.



The GroPonix is designed to fit on top of your average 10 gallon fish tank. From there you run the air pump and tubing and install your “grow plugs”. After a few weeks of growth you should have healthy Basil growing and clean and clear aquarium water perfect for keeping your fish healthy.

The GroPonix is available at for Pre-order at $109.95.


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