Initial Impressions: Nualgi Aquarium – Reduce Nuisance Algae

About a month ago I was able to overcome green water algae with the Green Killing Machine UV Sterilizer. You can find that review here.

But that’s not where my algae story ends. As every aquascaper and planted tank enthusiast knows: algae is like a Hydra, you cut off one head and three more spring forth. My next battle in the 40 gallon is against a really stubborn case of nuisance hair algae with a little black beard algae thrown in. I have been battling hair algae in this tank since I first set it up, and at one point I managed to almost all but eradicate it. Lately it has come back in force and has really gotten out of control. Through my research for a solution I came upon a new product out on the internet called Nualgi.

Based upon my initial research of the product I found the results and feedback that Nualgi Aquarium was receiving to look really promising.

What is Nualgi Aquarium and How Does it Work?

I came across this case study (below) by George S over on the Nualgi testimonials. He was experiencing a bad case of green water algae and his results really convinced me to give Nualgi some serious consideration.


Photo Credit: George S at

Not bad for just a little over a month. So I did some research and I found that Nualgi Aquarium is actually a “nano-silica based nano-nutrient formula.” Meaning the silica is the carrier of the nutrients. By using nano silica just 100 nano-meters wide it allows nutrients to stay suspended in water much easier. These nutrients are a special formulation of Fe, Mn, Zn, Co, Cu, Mo, B, S, Ca, Mg, P, K & Si. This special formulation is designed to promote the growth of beneficial Diatoms. Diatoms are beneficial because they work to consume excess Nitrogen and Phosphorous robbing the nuisance algae of it’s source of food. As a bonus, diatoms become a food source of zooplankton, which we all know is a source of food for our fishes. Sounds great! Nualgi claims to reduce algae growth and feed your fish at the same time. What else could we want?

Will Nualgi Cure my Hair Algae?

However, a lot of things sound great in theory and fall flat in practice so I decided to get in touch with Nualgi Aquariums personally. I spoke with Joe over at Nualgi Aquariums and he felt confident that we could work together to stomp out the hair and black beard algae plaguing my tank. He got me setup and sent me out a sample of the Nualgi Aquariums. I received that sample over the weekend and what I plan on doing for my readers is creating almost a weekly journal here as I detail my experiences and results with Nualgi.

Here are the specs of the tank:

  • 40 gallon (breeder)
  • 5lb pressurized CO2 system and reactor
  • Black Diamond Blasting Sand + root tabs
  • Green Killing Machine Internal 9 Watt UV Sterilizer with Power Head
  • EI Dosing Method Daily
  • 4x 23W CFL bulbs
  • SunSun 302 Canister Filter (30% water change weekly)
  • Flora – (Foreground)Hemianthus callitrichoides, (Background)Staurogyne repens
  • Fauna – Paracheirodon innesi, Pygmy corydoras, Otocinclus vittatus, Betta splendens, Caridina multidentata, Various Snails.

Here are some initial shots of the algae:

Before Nualgi Aquariums







Nualgi Aquariums came packaged well and in an informative little bottle and even included a dropper to measure out the correct dosage. Seriously convenient, otherwise I don’t know how I would have measured out the proper doses.

I will be dosing approximately 1.5ml of Nualgi Aquariums every 4-6 days for about a month or until the nuisance algae has subsided.

I’ll also be posting updates about once per week so stay tuned.

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Check out the video of my first Nualgi Aquariums dosing.

 You can find Nualgi Aquariums at:


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