Initial Impressions: Zoo Med NANO 10 External Canister Filter

Hey everyone, I’ve got something exciting going on over here at Aquathusiast. Recently, I was speaking with the reps at Zoo Med, and they were kind enough to send out one of their NANO 10 External Canister Filters for me to review for Aquathusiast. I’m excited to work with Zoo Med and look forward to using the NANO 10 in my 5 gallon Nano Betta tank.


What I’ve got planned is 4-6 weeks worth of review time with the product. I’ll be posting my unboxing, experiences, thoughts and concerns with the filter over the course of the month. I’ll do my best to make your purchasing decision as easy as possible. After I review the NANO 10 Filter, I will be giving away the product to one of our lucky readers and followers. Entering will be simple – just like our facebook page.


Check out the video above for my unboxing experience and initial impressions with the Zoo Med NANO 10 External Canister Filter.

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