Week One: Nualgi Aquarium Review


For my initial impressions of Nualgi Aquariums please click here.

Week One – Nualgi Aquarium:

Here we are on Day 8, of my Nualgi Aquariums Review/Experiment. I am happy to report that there have been no ill effects of introducing Nualgi Aquariums into my tank. However, there have been no noticeable improvements in the tank either(this is to be expected). So I took to the FAQ over on the Nualgi Site to see what was going on inside my tank. My questions were simple, should I expect Nualgi to be working in just one week and should I continue doing water changes? Fortunately the FAQ had exactly what I was looking for.

Can I perform my regular water changes when dosing Nualgi? (From NualgiAquarium.com):
“We recommend that you continue with your normal water change routine until your water is clear and your tank is algae free. Make sure that you dose Nualgi after your water change. Once your tank is looking good and algae free, you can experiment with less frequent water changes. Trialists have been able to gradually delay water changes from once per week to once per 3 weeks or longer.
Nualgi works on the nutrients buried in the substrate or pores of your rocks. This may initially show up as more algae build up in your tank after the first 1-2 doses. If this happens in your tank then we recommend additional water changes to get rid of some of the nutrients being purged by Nualgi.”

Pretty simple then, I can continue with water changes and I shouldn’t be concerned that I haven’t seen a change in the algae situation yet.


Lifetime Stats:

50% Water Change – 9/6/14

Initial Dosing – 9/6/14

Second Dosing – 9/10/14

50% Water Change- 9/15/14

Third Dosing – 9/15/4


    • Dosings: 3


Check back in another week to see how we are fairing with Nualgi Aquariums in our 40 gallon planted tank.

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