Week Three – Nualgi Aquarium Review


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Here we are on Day 26,  with another weekly update of our Nualgi Aquarium Experiment/Review. Recently, I took a short trip out of the state and I was forced to leave the maintenance of the tank and the Nualgi dosing to my brother. Thankfully, he has just as much experience in this hobby as I do, so I am pleased to report that water changes and dosings were followed with care while I was away. What I learned when I returned was that you can really see changes occurring in your tank when you’re not looking everyday. The week long buffer in between my viewings of the tank really allowed me to notice the huge (positive) changes that have occurred.



I want to take a few sentences to address what I have found to be a common misconception among users regarding Nualgi Aquarium.

Nualgi Aquarium is not an algaecide, as such you should not expect it to work like one. Nualgi is an all natural approach that works to reestablish and maintain the natural balance in your aquarium. Because of this it is important to remember that it will not act immediately like an algaecide. Stay patient and allow the product to work its magic, at three weeks in I am definitely seeing the fruits of that patience.



Nualgi Aquariums is significantly reducing the hair algae in my aquascape


At the end of the third week I have begun to notice:

  • Positive
    • A reduction in nuisance hair algae
    • Cleaner, whiter, more brilliant sand
    • Tank walls remain without algae for longer periods of time
  • No Change
    • Water clarity has remained crystal clear throughout the trial
    • No sick or loss of fish
  • Negative
    • None


Lifetime Stats:

50% Water Change – 9/6/14

Initial Dosing – 9/6/14

Second Dosing – 9/10/14

50% Water Change- 9/15/14

Third Dosing – 9/15/4

50% Water Change – 9/21/14

Fourth Dosing – 9/21/14

50% Water Change – 9/27/14

Fifth Dosing – 9/27/14


    • Dosings: 5



Check back soon to see how we are fairing with Nualgi Aquariums in our 40 gallon planted tank.

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